24 November, 2015 - NME.com
More details have been revealed about David Bowie's upcoming new album 'Blackstar'. The record is Bowie's 25th studio album and will be released on his 69th birthday (January 8, 2016). With its lead single and title-track recently unveiled, producer Tony Visconti has now spoken about the upcoming LP. Visconti told Rolling Stone that the record was in part inspired by rapper Kendrick Lamar. "We were listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar," Visconti said. "We wound up with nothing like that, but we loved the fact Kendrick was so open-minded and he didn’t do a straight-up hip-hop record. He threw everything on there, and that’s exactly what we wanted to do. The goal, in many, many ways, was to avoid rock & roll." Visconti also described Bowie as being "in fine health", having "just made a very rigorous album", but he said that he doubts that the star will ever play live again: "If he does, it will be a total surprise." Isle Of Wight Festival promoter John Giddings recently suggested that Bowie has retired from touring, saying: "He [Bowie] has decided to retire and, like Phil Collins, you can’t demand these people go out there again and again and again. I’m really pleased and proud that the last show he ever did in the UK was the 2004 Isle Of Wight Festival." Elsewhere in the Rolling Stone interview, Visconti reveals that the album will be 42 minutes long and will feature percussion from LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy. There had been initial plans for Murphy to produce the LP. Watch Bowie's new video for 'Blackstar' beneath. Meanwhile, director Danny Boyle recently discussed his disappointment after his idea of a David Bowie-themed musical was blocked by the star himself. Boyle – known for his films Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire and 28 Days Later – had long been working on a musical film based on the life and career of the iconic singer, only for Bowie to refuse to let the director use his music. Speaking to the Radio Times, Boyle described himself as being "in grief" following the rejection, stating that he had been "very keen" on the project. Boyle also added that his recent Steve Jobs biopic had been taken on to "fill the space in my heart left by the abandoned Bowie script". Bowie himself is co-writing a stage show based on 'The Man Who Fell To Earth', entitled Lazarus, which will feature Dexter star Michael C Hall and is also expected to contain new music.
Ork. Briz видео клип Ко Е Туй Нещо
Ork. Briz - Ко Е Туй Нещо
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Ork. Briz - Ко Е Туй Нещо текст

Леле, мале, ко е туй нещо, дето мяза на онуй нещо?
Дупки прави, багер не е,
вълна има, овца не е,
семе хвърля, сеяч не е,
с едно око, кьорав не е,
гем си има, конче не е.
Леле, мале, кой туй нещо?

Леле, мале, ко е туй нещо, дето мяза на онуй нещо?
Кабарясва, мая не е,
право седи, чирак не е,
радват му се, бебе не е,
целуват го, мома не е,
корем пори, хирург не е,
шкембе стържи, касап не е.

Корен има, дърво не е,
цеф си има, пушка не е,
вода пуска, чешма не е,
в дупка влиза, гущер не е,
от дупка излиза, змия не е,
здраво търка, пила не е,
сирене прай, мандра не е.
Леле, мале, ко е туй нещо?

В слива седи, костилка не е,
запретва се, ръкав не е,
надува се, гайда не е,
кокал няма, охлюв не е,
лава хвърля, вулкан не е,
тъмно дири, къртник не е,
бели прави, дете не е.
Леле, мале, ко е туй нещо?

Сладичко е, шекер не е,
глава има, човек не е,
багаж мъкни, хамал не е,
в тъмно вижда, котка не е,
басма цепи, и нож не е,
брада носи, то поп не е,
голо ходи, теляк не е.
Леле, мале, ко е туй нещо?

Яйца мъти, клочка не е,
втвърдява се, кирпич не е,
от сън буди, петел не е,
хайвер хвърля, риба не е.

Леле, мале, какво е туй,
кой го познай, халал да муй!