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Welcome to Totally Electra. Electra is a beautiful young woman somewhere in Europe and I tell you straight up, I love her. I would take her home with me, permanently, if it were possible. Unfortunately, my love is one-sided because she probably doesn't know I care about her. I found her by accident, I don’t even know her name, but this I know, I think of her as if she were the girl next door right now. I have imagined asking her to dinner and a movie so many times ...again, I love her. This is why I dedicated this page to her. I play the music here for her. You're welcome to read my notes and love letters to her and look at her pictures in my album here on Music Play On. If anyone out there knows my Angel, please tell her about Totally Electra, please tell her I love her. Everyone needs someone to care about them and everyone needs someone to care about, I care about her. Please listen to "Alone Too Long", and as always pleasant greetings to all ...and thank you for stopping by Totally Electra where oldies are goodies all the time. Billy [email protected]

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Rosanne Cash - Blue Moon With Heartache
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Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton - Give Me One Reason (Live)
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Elvis Presley - It Hurts Me (Lyrics On Screen)
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Shenea Easton - For Your Eyes Only
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American Motherload - Devil Woman
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Blue Moon Boy - Love Coming Down
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BQJ - Secrets
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Alabama - Down Home
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B.W. Stevenson - My Maria
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Firefall - You Are The Woman
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Elvis Presley - Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees (Lyrics On Screen)
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Elvis Presley - And I Love You So
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